Happy National Daughters Day

Happy National Daughters Day

Today marks a truly special occasion - National Daughters Day. As we bask in the warmth of this day, it's impossible not to reminisce about the inception of wrappedinmyroots back in 2019, a journey ignited by the radiant presence of my beloved daughter. She and our business have grown side by side over the years, an awe-inspiring testament to the passage of time.

My venture into wrappedinmyroots was born from the crucible of new parenthood, a time when the delicate dance of caring for a little one and self-care became a daunting challenge. I vividly recall adorning a black velvet head wrap during the profound moment of giving birth to my daughter. What's intriguing is how, as she blossomed into childhood, she became utterly captivated by my collection of scarves.

On this National Daughter's Day, I invite you to join in the reflection. How have your children woven their magic into the fabric of your life? What cherished moments and life lessons have they gifted you? While you ponder, explore our enchanting shop to discover the perfect head wraps for both you and your little ones. It's a celebration of love, growth, and style waiting to unfold

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