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Nearly 75% of our customers had never tied a scarf. So it has been an incredible honor to be the first shop they purchased a scarf from, and we are grateful!

Our customers frequently ask: "do you have a video tutorial?" 

We instantly knew that a "How-To" video was a priority. We want to show the versatility of scarves and how you can express yourselves with our hair accessory. Our scarves are unique and a great way to show your true colors. 

Alright, now are you ready to learn how to tie a scarf?!

First, get a scarf ready to practice with today. If you need a scarf to practice with, we sell affordable silk scarves that are great for protecting your hair. 

Next, play the video below and practice the 1st style. We have four techniques in this Head Scarf Tutorial video. First, start slowly and watch our model wrap her hair with the scarf a few times, then try to do it yourself. Once you've mastered the style, then try the following style. 


 Featured in this video: Our Peach Mocha and Seabreeze Ombre Silk Scarves


Then, practice all four styles in front of a mirror or with a friend.
Lastly, try to have fun. You don't need to achieve the exact look! It's also great to create your unique style.

We hope this helps. Remember to give yourself some time and be patient. If the scarf you tie does not look similar to the one in the video, that is completely fine. Everyone has a unique style, and that's the beauty of it all!

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