Is Velvet Safe for your hair?

Is Velvet Safe for your hair?

Our velvet wraps are the foundation of our company. That's why we refer to it as our first love. A common question customers ask us is if it's safe for their hair. The simple answer is YES!

Our velvet head wraps have an inner lining of cotton and polyester. 

It is perfectly safe to use on your hair.

cotton and polyester

  (sneak peek of our red velvet head wrap)

Our founder used it on her hair leading up to her daughter's delivery several weeks later and her hair was flourishing, and her hair is still flourishing. 

woman with her newborn wearing a head wrap

  We wanted our head wraps to be unique, so we constantly step outside our comfort zone and embrace items that stand out to us.

woman wearing a green turban

So far, so good. It has also been great seeing the versatility of our velvet wraps being used as tops and in other creative ways.

Velvet Turbans have been used for years by our ancestors and it will continue to be used by us.

Our customers have given it a try and have never looked back.

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