Scarf Season

Scarf Season

Fall has officially begun! Be ready for Fall by selecting the perfect scarves. There are so many different types of scarves to consider. Velvet, Satin, and Silk are the three types in my hair accessory line. Everyone’s style is unique and compels them to gravitate to different things. Velvet was the first product I sold because it was distinct. Velvet works well for people during colder seasons. I love how it keeps my ears and head warm. The best part is our velvet scarves are functional during Fall, Winter, and Spring. A few of our customers even used it during the summer. I’ve discovered that others love it too. However, I would recommend it for those chiller seasons. The burgundy and gold velvet wraps would both work well.

My Silk Scarves are a best seller and what placed Wrapped In My Roots on the map. People enjoyed the Ombre colors and the lightweight feel of it. These can be worn all season long by everyone. People love using these for everything and anything but most especially to sleep with them overnight, travel with them, for fashion purposes, etc. Our satin line launched during the summer. I started my satin line after a customer asked if we sold satin scarves. Our satin scarves are the largest and come in camo, retro, and Ombre styles. I can not wait to add more scarves and see if there will be any new faves.

Enjoy this video on our Instagram page of some of our favorite silk scarves that are perfect for the season: 

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